”Presley was in love with her!” What does 79-year-old Ann-Margret look like today, who fell in love with Elvis?

Elvis’ legal spouse was wary of Ann. The woman felt that her husband was not indifferent to this gorgeous woman. Ann and Elvis met on the set of the movie ”Long Live Las Vegas”.

Feelings instantly flared up between the actors. One day Priscilla called Elvis and demanded an explanation from her husband. All the US newspapers were full of news about the actors’ affair. Presley reassured his wife. Let’s remember that Elvis and his wife met in Germany.

At that time, Priscilla was barely 14 years old. The young beauty was associated with something delicate, fragile and immaculate. The couple legalized their relationship in 1967. Ann was the opposite of Priscilla: bright, cheerful, groovy. She could make anyone fall in love with her.

Elvis’ love for Ann-Margret was fundamentally different from the tender feeling for his legitimate wife. Soon Presley had to make a choice, and he stayed with Priscilla. However, Elvis’ wife once admitted that after the birth of his daughter, Elvis did not touch her, saying that he could not ”get close” to a woman who has children.

In 1972, the couple broke up. Elvis and Priscilla held hands during the divorce proceedings.

Ann and Elvis kept in touch until the death of the king: exchanged gifts, called each other, occasionally saw each other at noisy parties.

Now Elvis Presley’s beloved is 79 years old and Ann is perfectly preserved. And what do you say?

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