”Plastic in new pictures.” There is no trace of Pamela Anderson’s former beauty

Pamela Anderson is called Marilyn Monroe of our time. The charming blonde managed to achieve world fame thanks to her magnificent forms and talent, of course. Many fans of Pamela remember her from the TV series ”Rescuers of Malibu”. Men all over the world were infatuated with Anderson’s magnificent beauty.

Now Pam is 52 years old, and who will give? The woman continues to actively act for various advertising companies and seems to have forgotten to grow old. ”And maybe it’s all about plastic?”, – the netizens whisper.

I would like to note that Anderson really looks rejuvenated and ”overstretched” in the last pictures. Internet users were quick to comment on the blonde’s photos: ”Pamela, you overdid it with plastic”, ”Solid Photoshop”, ”Overstretched”, ”Plastic in the last pictures”.

However, her devoted fans stood up for Pam:”So beautiful”, ”She’s 52! Wake up”, ”It looks just gorgeous”, ”I would have such a figure at 52”.

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