Old and stingy, but beloved. Al Pacino was caught with his 28-year-old lover

Despite the fact that Al Pacino is 82 years old, this is no reason for him to forget about having an affair with young girls. Just a couple of years ago, he broke up with the latter, who was 36 years younger than the actor, then she admitted that Pacino, to put it mildly, does not like to spend money on gifts and stuff.

But neither the reluctance to spend money, nor age became an obstacle to Al Pacino having a bunch of fans. The other day, the actor was caught at dinner in a restaurant with a young, 28-year-old aspiring producer Nur Al Fala. The girl is calmly fit to be a great-granddaughter, and apparently she loves older men than herself, for example, she dated 72-year-old Mick Jagger and so on.

According to Nour, age is not the main thing at all, and the soul always chooses, not the eyes, and this is most likely its principle.

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