Not everything is perfect with her: 3 shortcomings of Marilyn Monroe, which the legendary actress never showed

Here are 3 Marilyn Monroe imperfections the iconic woman has always hidden.

Monroe was considered the most iconic woman of the 20th century. The unearthly beauty and grace of Marilyn attracted and still attract millions of human hearts. But sometimes her fans would expect the legendary actress to be ”perfect” without considering the fact that Monroe was as simple a person as anyone else. That is why the iconic woman did everything to hide her flaws and imperfections.

Slight squint. This can really be called its uniqueness, and not a disadvantage. Many did not even notice her strabismus. The great actress and model managed to hide it with makeup.

Inexpressive oval of the face and chin. Previously, Monroe always dreamed of chiseled features and a clear chin. She was too round and soft, which made her feel insecure. That is why Monroe decided on plastic surgery, which was quite risky and dangerous. As a result, throughout her life, she periodically required medical attention after surgery.

Marilyn was a stutterer. Few people knew about this, since the actress always hid it. But when Monroe was nervous or exhausted, she did not hide it. During filming, it was revealed that she was a stutterer.

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