No one would expect this: this cute couple had 6 children and this is how they look today

There are six of them and everyone was born in one day, this is something crazy.

Education of a child is a big responsibility.

And since the family has two children-twice as much.

And if there are six of them-and all were born in the same day, this is something crazy!

All family members can be called heroes!

Look at the famous family stuff of McGee-which photos with newborn six babies around a few years ago circled the whole world.

Mia and Rosenly McGee met in high school and immediately fell in love with each other.

Soon they created their own family, the couple really wanted children.

However, 10 years of attempts did not bring any results.

Therefore, they decided to undergo a medical examination. I began treatment for infertility.

Their perseverance was rewarded and fate presented them with a real gift.

Rozonno was engaged in his own business carrier of carpets and furniture, when the spouses learned that they were waiting for children.

Mia decided to quit work, as the couple found that she was waiting for six children.

And soon they were delighted and concerned at the same time.

The couple continued to wonder how they could afford such a large state. And all thanks to the determination of Winfrey, they received capital in the amount of $ 250,000.

This helped a lot to the family, and they even celebrated a belated honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Many people made donations and offered to buy car seats for children.

And then the couple launched their own reality show called «6 Little McGee».

They shared the difficulties of a large family.

If we talk about upbringing, they show how without outside help they are far away with so many children.

Soon, the family was able to afford the house more.

After 6 years, McGee recreated their famous photo.

We turned to the same photographer and photo just charm!

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