Nature has done something with this boy: this small child has a rather unusual appearance

No one could think then that the son of this woman had a problem.

About a year and a half ago, the 24-year-old blogger Katya Mօunin gave birth to her firstborn, son of Maxim.

Katya told subscribers about her joy, and then began to share the experience of caring for the baby and her observations of how he grows and develops.

No one could think then that his son Mօunin had problems because his mother was very worried about.

More recently, Katya posted on her Instagram a few photos of the adult maxim.

And it turned out that Katya’s child was born not quite ordinary.

And now a blogger needs a lot of money for his treatment.

According to doctors, an operation that will cost 300 million rubles can help Maximka.

And only after that the child can live a full life, and he will not have any complexes.

Then the whole hospital escaped to look at this unusual child.

There was a huge birthmark on the baby’s body, which in the future is quite capable of provoking.

Only «I’m fine in my head, the main thing is that I am alive».

A reddish body with brown spots and a huge mainland of a birthmark with mountains, seas and forests in the form of growths, hair.

And moles of different sizes and colors on the back, neck, head and face, on the hands, one of which was much thinner than the second,-as it appeared in front of me, Katya shared.

Experts believe that they are quite capable of reducing the signs of danger and that the whole procedure can take almost 7 years and consist of six stages.

Now Kate is trying to raise money to save his son.

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