Mandakini is the first beauty of Bollywood: her daughter inherited the rare beauty of her mother

Mandakini has been called one of the most beautiful Bollywood actresses.

She fell in love with many in the film “Ganges your waters are muddied”. She became famous not only in her native India, but also abroad. Mandakini is one of the few actresses who made bold decisions without being afraid to experiment. However, she was mostly loved for her unique appearance, which was worth her bottomless blue eyes.

But the actress herself did not dream of any unprecedented success in the cinema. She wanted simple female happiness: a house, a beloved husband and children. She made her dream come true on the second try. The first relationship ended unsuccessfully, Mandakini fell in love with a gangster, he was her patron, sponsor, but the actress herself wanted something else. In 1990, she met a Tibetan medicine doctor, the actress fell in love at first sight and realized that this was her man.

The couple is still together. They are still as in love as they were on the first day they met. The couple has a son and a daughter. The actress left the cinema in 1996, she chose to focus on the family and raising children. For her, the family has always been a priority, and she does not regret her decision. Fans hoped that the children of the actress would inherit her rare beauty and perhaps continue her work. However, the father’s genes were stronger. The offspring of the couple are just copies of their father, they have noticeable Asian facial features. Mandakini herself is 51 years old, but she has not lost her charm and rare beauty.

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