Lovely cute couple: an extraordinary couple who admire their love and attitude towards life

The girl became the very person who brought him back to life.

This is a story about true love. Love not for something, but in spite of everything.

James Ramseach is a former military man who visited Iraq and was seriously injured. The man’s leg was amputated. After an active life, he had to get used to a new life, undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

Many psychologically do not withstand such a load: depression, alcohol, vagrancy. But James didn’t let himself be discouraged. He became actively involved in sports, underwent rehabilitation and became interested in … tattoos.

A sporty and active soldier was invited to an unusual photo project dedicated to veterans. The guy became famous.

Everything is perfect in his life now. He met a girl who loves him, supports him and shares his hobbies. Heidi was the very person who brought him back to life. After a while, James proposed to her.

Now the former military man works as a model, maintains his own blog and is happy in a relationship.

The couple looks really happy. No difficulties should break you!

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