Lovely babies: these beautiful babies have won millions of hearts with their unique beauty

To everyone’s surprise, they win the genetic lottery.

These are Dima and Violetta, the most sought-after young models in the world.

To everyone’s surprise, they win the genetic lottery.

Viola is 6 years old and is actively filming for magazines and local business pages.

They look like angels and are considered one of the 50 most beautiful children in the world.

The adorable siblings are naturally photogenic and very sweet.

They have been in the spotlight since birth.

Their parents are so proud of them, and, of course, they managed to raise a loving and harmonious brother and sister.

Their mother’s name is Ekaterina Antonova, she is just as charming

like her children.

The siblings are called angels because of their blond hair, delicate features, and big blue eyes.

If you look at the pictures of their mother, you can clearly see who the children have driven away.

Dima is now 11 years old. She does well in school and is also successful in the modeling business, being photographed for several catalogs and projects.

The angelic siblings decided to go into modeling and make a big career out of it, despite their mother dropping out because she couldn’t do it.

In addition, their Instagram page has over 500,000 followers.

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