Look at these transformations! These Indonesian brides look quite different before make-up and after it

All the girls want to be unique and attractive, especially on the most important days of their lives: for instance, on their wedding day. So the role of makeup artists and hairdressers is very important. Although each detail has its own place, make-up is above everything.

One of the most popular makeup artists from Indonesia is Ari Izam, who thinks that each girl has the right to be very beautiful and attractive on the most important day of her life.

Now look at these transformations! The brides look very different before and after make-up.

This girl became very seductive after makeup.
Just watch the wonderful results of Ari’s works.

The second bride also became unrecognisable after makeup. She is so fascinating!

Ari’s works are perfect and due to his efforts the brides become princesses on their wedding days.

No comment! So amazing!

And another version of transformation.

Ari isn’t an ordinary makeup artist, his works are wonderful.

And the fifth version of the incredible transformation.

How beautiful she is!

Great job!

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