Look at the pictures and guess whether it’s a baby or 32 years old man

This post is about a man, who ought to survive every morning, since his birth.

Meet please, Jaley Lindo, a man, who was born in poor indian family, with a small hope that will ever survive.
He remains a little kid physically, because of rare pathology that meets one in a 10 thousand new born babies.
When he became a two years old boy his development stopped. And he remains as a child for the rest of his life.

There are no right words to describe his situation, feelings. But he still finds from somewhere a strength to smile and woke up each morning to do that little things which can do his body.

No, he didn’t leave up his parents expectations, but it didn’t his mistake. In their small village everyone loves him because if his big and hones heart.
Jaley will never grow up, and his weight and height will never change.
His routine probably also will never change.
And there is one thing which left to say:”be strong enough to survive, the little man, with a big heart. Continue to smile, we all are guests in this world”.

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