Look at Sigourney Weaver look. She is 73 years old now

If you love this actress you’ll probably like this post.

Born in a very talented and developed family there is no another way for little Susan (now Sigourney), she ought to be a movie star.

Now beloved and fancy Hollywood actress had a good childhood. She attended a private school and received precious knowledge. But she had no friends being adult. Because of her tallness she often got in ridiculous situation. Thought her inner brave and power helped her to survive, pass and forget all the jokes about her appearance.
She had a big motivation, she wanted to become a world known actress. She wanted to succeed in this work. And she done it.

After reading a Fitzgerald’s ”the Great Gatsby”, 14 years old Sigourney understood that only gard working will help her to be accepted in the big world of cinematography. She wanted to play one day that scene. She even changed her name from Susan to Sigourney.

It is a well-known fact that she attended the same courses with another lovely actress Meryl Streep. But their friendship must pass many trials and temptations to become as good as old wine.

Parents influence and effect do their work and Sigourney dived into the sea of waves of cinematography.

She had an extra good works, brilliant roles behind the back. She stands out because of her hard working character. Shy smile and tall good shapes.

Actress prefers now a little bit quite and simple life, but still work in and for Hollywood.
She lives a happy life with his husband who is younger for a six years, but Sigourney likes mention every time that all her goals and fame are the result of having such a good husband.
Now actress is 73. She doesn’t quite a long trip in the Hollywood. She didn’t ever went to plastic surgeon and prefers only good and healthy food. She does yoga and loves her life.

And we think that’s enough to look in such a good way at the age of 73.

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