It’s difficult to recognise this man who removed his hair and beard after keeping them for 12 years. He became a real prince!

A 38 years old man from America named Josh was seemed quite old due to his long hair and beard. It didn’t disturb him and the American didn’t pay attention to his strange appearance.

Everything was changed when the man fell in love with a girl, who wanted to change his appearance and made him attractive. After some attempts to persuade him to change his mind, the girl decided to solve the problem by herself.

Then the girl involved Josh in a program which makes the men become real princes. Surprisingly, he was agree to participate in it.

Many stylists worked with him for hours, they cut his hair, shaved his bread and the result was amazing: the man became a real model suitable for a newspaper.

When he saw him in the mirror, he liked his new appearance.

Now the man feels himself completely different and mostly his girlfriend is happy to make him beautiful and attractive.

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