.“Is it the same person?” As a result of the plastic surgery these people from South Korea became unrecognisable

We all know that the plastic surgeons in South Korea are the best in the world. A great number of people want to change their appearance. There they get a certificate for operation as a present.

Their works are really excellent. Just watch how they change the people. It seems that there are two people, but in fact it is the same person.

For instance, this boy seems to rejuvenate.

After some plastic operations it is difficult to recognise the person, because even the shape of the face can be changed.

She became so nice and pleasant.

It isn’t photoshop! It is real!

These girls became perfectly beautiful.

The Koreans don’t like round face and they prefer to change it.

But it’s a bit frightening that so many people want to change their appearance. Although it’s good to be beautiful, in this way they lose their personality.

However, everyone has a right to create her/his preferable appearance, in order to be more confident.

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