”Incredible transformation”: At the age of 23, Desiree weighed 136 kg, and today she is a professional model

Desiree has been suffering from overweight since childhood. The girl could not get rid of unwanted weight because she liked to eat a lot.

In adolescence, our heroine tried to keep a diet, but eventually broke down and became stressed. And so at the age of 23, she already weighed as much as 138 kg! It was difficult for the young girl to move, so her parents suggested her to use a wheelchair.

At that time she decided to have a stomach reduction operation. From that moment, our heroine began a new life. She restarted her diet and began to train actively.

And finally, the extra pounds began to ”go away” with an unprecedented speed.
2 years later, Desiree began to weigh 68 kg! She is still working hard on herself and admits that she is still far from ideal.

In addition, our heroine managed to build a career as a model. She is filmed to advertise sportswear, and supports people on the way to a perfect body.

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