Incredible story: this brave man with a disability managed to turn an abandoned store into a wonderful home

This disabled man was able to turn an abandoned store into a comfortable house.

VyacheslavMinchanin, who lost his legs managed to turn an abandoned store into a house.

All his life he dreamed of living in the village.

He was in the perfume business. Equipment and scents have been produced that make offices smell of flowers and wood.

Vyacheslav decided to convert the site into a residential building.

He made this decision very quickly. Vyacheslav was sure that he would succeed.

The man was lucky enough to buy the building.

He says he could do it alone, but some things are hard to do in a wheelchair.

As soon as the house was heated and there was a place to sleep, Vyacheslav and his family moved in.

The man had money. Without it, he would not have been able to rebuild even this small house. The man says that in any business the main thing is not to be afraid and start. Then something will happen.

Vyacheslav and his wife completed the construction of the house together. He did everything by watching YouTube videos.

A man does all the work with pleasure.

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