”In a top and old-fashioned slippers”. Monica Bellucci was caught on the set

Bellucci is always in the centre of everyone’s attention and has gathered a crowd of fans around her and she is always under the constant control of the paparazzi. The network is actively discussing the latest pictures of the actress on the set, where she appeared in a very unusual way.

During the filming, Monica was found wearing a top and a skirt. She complemented her look with homemade slippers. Fans called her shoes ”old-fashioned”.

Despite her unusual appearance, the fans found another reason to admire
her. Once again the audience noted how well the actress is preserved.

”Nothing will spoil her at all”, ”She is beautiful in every way”, ”She is beautiful even in these slippers”, “How her ex could exchange her for an ordinary girl?” – write in the comments of her fans.

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