”Human-cat” – After watching the astonishing photos of this man, you will ask ”Why?”. He thought that his human appearance didn’t fit him and decided to change it

After hearing the name Dennis Avner you won’t show any reaction, because this man is known for his unusual appearance which amazes millions of people. He is the first person in the world who changed his appearance as a cat.

Nowadays, it is quite common to do a plastic surgery in order to become better, but this is another case. Dennis didn’t accept himself as a person, and he worried about the fact that he wasn’t born as a cat.

He did different plastic surgeries in order to look like a cat as much as possible. So he did 10 operations.

For example, he changed his face colour, made his eyes look like a cat’s, made his teeth sharp and did a lot of tattoos.

But these changes didn’t help him become a cat and he didn’t like his new appearance and decided to end his life.

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