How interesting to look at this: a talented hairdresser cuts detailed paintings on the heads of clients

This hairdresser does not cut his clients’ hair, but creates pictures on their heads.

Riddle: what is created for a long time and difficult, arouses the admiration of people, but disappears after a couple of days, even if nothing is done? Answer: hair-pictures from virtuoso hairdresser Truong Xuan Tuan from Vietnam! He has developed the skill of processing hair to a level where he does not cut his clients’ hair, but creates full-fledged pictures on their heads.

In his work, the hairdresser uses a trimmer, scissors and a comb, and no more is needed. The main thing is attention to detail and respect for patients. It gets to the point that he refuses to cut arbitrary drawings, only what he has already tried to do before. This is a greater risk of doing something wrong the first time, and living people and their hair cannot be risked. At the same time, the hairdresser is constantly improving and replenishing the collection of drawings.

The highlight is that such patterns cannot be made on long and medium hair, the work is carried out on short hair, close to the skin. And when the hair grows even a little, the pictures are washed off. Some masterpieces will not last even 2 days, on average you can show off for 10 days. Therefore, such value and intrigue. Among the clients there are also women who also like unusual patterns and hairstyles.

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