How did the illegitimate son of Arnie grow up and what does the maid look like, for the sake of which he left his beautiful wife

72-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger is very fond of cycling and every day does not miss the next exercise. Sometimes he rides alone, sometimes he is accompanied by his beloved. But this time, unexpectedly for everyone, next to him was his illegitimate son Joseph Baena.

It was Joseph’s mother, Milard, who was Arnold’s housekeeper, who caused the divorce from Maria Shriver. Hollywood is still discussing this long divorce process, as for almost 10 years the parties could not agree.

But even more people cannot understand how the iron Arnie could exchange such a beauty model Maria for, to put it mildly, a nondescript Milard. It looks like this will forever remain a mystery to everyone.

And so, how has Milard and her son Joseph changed.

The woman herself, after a loud scandal, stopped seeing Schwarzenegger, but does not forbid Joseph to communicate with his father. It is worth noting that outwardly Baena and Schwartz are very similar and even enjoy the same sports.

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