Here’s why Emilia Clarke was teased as a child and some interesting facts about “Mother of Dragons”

Emilia Clarke is a famous British actress who has a lot of fans.

According to the memoirs of the actress, at the age of three she first got a job with her father, who worked as a sound engineer, staged popular musicals.

When it was over, little Emily clapped so hard her palms hurt. After all this, the father took his daughter backstage, which made her even more impressed.

When Clarke grew up, her desire to become an actress did not change. Although his loved ones thought that childhood fantasies were a thing of the past.

The girl had very wide and thick eyebrows, for which her classmates teased her more than once.

Emilia Clarke is also a great musician.

Nine years ago, the British actress made her debut on Broadway. There, she played the lead role, the flamboyant and cheerful Holly Golightly, in a dramatization of the short story by American playwright Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

A year before joining Game of Thrones, the aspiring actress had to work six different jobs to pay the rent in the small apartment she shared with her friends.

One evening, her agent called her and said that HBO was looking for a girl for a major project to play Daenerys.

At the end of the first season of the series, Emily’s health began to deteriorate. Doctors found that the brain aneurysm caused the girl a type of stroke.

She was operated on, after which the actress had side effects: impaired speech and memory. Emilia couldn’t even remember her name at first.

The second season was the most difficult of all. She not only worked hard, but also constantly gave interviews to journalists, participated in various events. After a while she became worse, the headaches became unbearable. Emilia needed the second operation.

As a child, the future actress watched the movie “Terminator”, becoming a real fan of the main character Schwarzenegger. Years later, Clarke was invited to one of the main roles – Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis.

Since 2017, Clark has been part of a team that helps aspiring actors audition for theater schools. And three years ago, Clark created a charitable foundation that helps patients with brain aneurysms.

After the “Mother of Dragons” character, everyone is used to seeing Clarke with long, mouse-blonde hair, but in her natural dark color, she is rarely recognized by passers-by.

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