Here’s how this well-mannered dog behaves: she knows how to behave at the table

This clever dog can sit at the table and eat, as humans do.

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend. They are always ready to help, support in difficult times, or simply explain to their owner that he loves and respects them very much.

And do not be afraid of some breeds of dogs. For example, such as Pit Bull terriers, Bull terriers or Rottweilers. Of course, an animal can always be brought up, instilled with certain knowledge, skills and habits.

The most educated dog knows how to seat at the table and eat like humans do

And speaking of such moments, one cannot simply remain silent about one Bull terrier that has become famous throughout the country.

A dog named Bulya lives in Russia and has already received the status of the most well-mannered dog. All because her master really tried to educate her.

It turned out that Bulya could sit at the table and eat. The dog keeps her back straight, and after dinner she can even clean it up, licking the crumbs off the table.

The most educated dog knows how to seat at the table and eat like humans do

Bulya never shows aggression towards people.

And, probably, the owners of Bulya can only be envied. This dog communicates well with small children, even with strangers who enter the apartment.

Bulya always meets a new person with joy, showing her most positive emotions with happy eyes, moving her tail.

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