Here’s how she dresses, she wears pajama pants under her coat: Jolie’s unusual outfit surprised everyone

The extraordinary image of actress Jolie is now actively discussed on the Web.

After her divorce from actor B. Pitt, the world-famous and successful actress began to rarely appear at events and shows, and the paparazzi and journalists hardly notice the celebrity in everyday life. Most often, the actress appears in black hoodies, sandals, sunglasses and no makeup.

During the past six months, a pleasant change has been noticed in the woman’s behavior. She even began to actively participate in photo shoots. However, the celebrity greatly surprised her fans by going outside in a pajama suit under her coat. This outfit caused a lot of questions on the Web, and many netizens were quick to criticize her for her lack of taste.

The expensive pajama pants were from the Dior brand, while, according to a number of netizens, they did not fit her coat at all.

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