Here is this interesting story: a white boy was born in this ordinary African-American family

When the child was born and the mother saw him, she experienced a real surprise.

The family of Francis and Arlette Tsybangu was looking forward to the birth of their baby.

But when the child was born, and the young mother took him in her arms, she experienced a real shock. In her arms was a white-skinned, fair-haired baby.

Against all the laws of nature, a white boy was born into an African American family

At the time when Arlette told her husband that she was pregnant, they already had two children, a boy and a girl. But the husband was delighted that the family would be replenished with another child.

The third child, who was named Daniel, was born in 2011 in Leicester (UK). This day remained in the memory of not only the parents, but also the medical staff.

“I was in shock, and the doctors too. They looked at me and my wife and were silent. They probably couldn’t believe that this child was mine. And one of my first thoughts was: “God, is this my son?”. But then I calmed down,” recalls Daniel’s father.

When the doctors put the boy in Francis’s arms, he realized that this was his child. The man did not doubt the honesty of his wife.

Against all the laws of nature, a white boy was born into an African American family

Just holding a pale baby with blond hair in her arms was amazing and incomprehensible. After all, his parents were black.

The reaction of the wife was also mixed.

But when she looked into the baby’s face and saw that the baby had her lips as well as her husband’s nose, she realized that the baby was the spitting image of a father.

“At first I was worried that suddenly Francis would think that the child was not his. But when I saw with what love he holds the baby in his arms, I realized that he had no doubts, this is his son! recalls 25-year-old Arlette.

The couple decided to turn to the origins and look into the history of the family. Their search was successful.

Against all the laws of nature, a white boy was born into an African American family

It turned out that their son Daniel owes his distinctive feature to his relative.

Relatives said that she also had a blond child, whom she gave birth to a black husband.

As a result, the couple decided to stop looking and focus on children. After all, they were more concerned about the health and happiness of the kids.

Now they had two beautiful boys and one princess.

Parents are extremely happy to have such an unusual baby in their family. They consider it a blessing for themselves.

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