Here is a beauty woman of all time: a biography of Marilyn Monroe and her path to success

 Here is a beauty woman of all time: a biography of Marilyn Monroe and her path to success

Monroe’s life story, her archival photos and how she became successful.

The real name of Monroe, which not everyone knows about, is Norma Jean. The legendary woman was born on July 1, 1926 in Southern California. It is authentically known that the cult woman did not have the happiest childhood and throughout her life she experienced many difficulties and hopeless conditions. The cult diva was brought up without paternal love and affection.

According to reliable sources, Monroe was a very talented essay writer as a child. She had a rich vocabulary and extensive knowledge.

At the age of 19, a young girl worked in an aircraft manufacturing company.

During World War II, Monroe became famous for her amazing looks after people saw random photos of her taken at the factory showing the conditions they were working in.

In the following picture, she shows the process of creating the very first drone in the world, which was a huge success.

With an absolutely unique and gorgeous appearance, the woman quickly gained popularity when she was offered a job as a model at the Blue Book fashion agency.

She has enjoyed great success since the age of 20. Throughout her life, her appearance, especially her hairstyle and color, constantly underwent changes. First, Marilyn straightened her chestnut curls, and then changed color.

Soon Monroe began working at the 20th Century Fox film studio, which was also attracted by her spectacular appearance.

In 1956, Monroe succumbed to entreaties to make her new name legal and official.

Worked as a model for 3 years. In parallel with this, she began acting, which she liked so much.

Monroe brilliantly played her first major role in the popular musical “The Chorus Girls”. Some time later, the actress underwent plastic surgery on her nose and jaw.

During 1950-1951, she appeared in one episode for a very short time, while no one could take their eyes off Monroe, who immediately fell in love with her.

She also did an excellent job in “Clash in the Night” and “You Can Enter Without Knocking”.

However, a number of critics argued that she had neither the talent nor the right to play such roles. They also complained about her bad script and speech.

The legendary actress starred in the films “The Leader if the Redskins” and “Monkey Labor”. Despite her worldwide fame and huge success, Monroe was often subdued and brooding.

Gradually, it became increasingly difficult for her to be present on the set. She was almost always late and was constantly in a bad mood.

One of the fundamental reasons for her condition was that many viewers called her a fool and a stupid blonde. All the iconic actresses wanted was for people to see her inner potential and talent.

She wanted to play serious roles to prove that she was not the stupid blonde that many accused her of.

In 1956, she had a role as a singer in “Bus Stop”.


It is known that the legendary woman really knew how to write quotes, the topics of which were mainly taken from her personal life and experience. At that time, few people knew that she was fond of reading.

As a result of all this, she soon became addicted to illegal drugs and died very early.

It was in 1962 that the cult woman, unfortunately, passed away. According to experts who examined Marilyn after her death, it was firmly stated that she suffered from anxiety and depression for a long time.

It’s a shame that one of the most legendary and influential women of all time passed away at such a young age. She was only 36.

It goes without saying that she had her own unique place in the film industry. After the woman left us, many models and actresses appeared who dreamed of being like her and began to imitate the image and style of Monroe.