Heaven blessed me with a daughter: Meg Ryan adopted a Chinese woman, and this is how she grew up

The actress decided that she wanted give herself unspent love and care.

Meg Ryan is an actress who is admired. In the cinema, she is always natural, and her heroines are understandable. The actress devoted a lot of time to cinema and work, she forgets about herself. In particular, forgetting about personal life. However, she made a significant contribution to world cinema. By the way, the actress was married only once. The actor Dennis Quaid became her chosen one, he had many harmful habits, and he was also called the ”Hollywood brawler.” But Ryan was sure that her husband would change for her sake.

The actress gave birth to his son Jack. However, it soon became clear that the man was not going to change. Moreover, there were rumors that Meg had an affair with a colleague Russell Crowe. As a result, the couple divorced. And despite Dennis’ reputation, he got custody of his son. And the actress could see her son only once every 4 months. I understand that the court will not decide anything, the actress went to reconciliation with her ex-husband in order to change the meeting schedule, for the sake of Jack’s happiness.

And yet, the actress could not build a personal life, her numerous novels did not lead to anything. She tried to find solace in her work. But Ryan understood that this would not change her loneliness and longing. Then the actress decided that she wanted to feel like herself again and give her unspent love and care. The actress adopted a girl from China. As the actress admits, she did not specifically make such a choice. But in America, the adoption process is very long and complicated. And in the Middle Kingdom, everything is simple: you name your gender, age, and in a couple of months you are a mother.

It has been 14 years, the girl is growing in care and love. The actress did everything for the happiness of her daughter. Son Jack also found a common language with his little sister. Ryan named the girl Daisy. For her sake, the actress abandoned many high-profile projects, she always tries to make her schedule flexible in order to spend more time with her daughter. Daisy grows up as a sweet and very beautiful girl. Mom and daughter are true friends, they can share the most intimate. Best girlfriends together 24/7. The actress regrets only that she did not devote so much attention and care to her son.

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