He was one of the memories of childhood: this is what a guy from Kinder-bar looks like

A young man often uploads himself photos with chocolate tiles.

Everyone was probably seen by his face, and hardly anyone loves this tile of chocolate.

We are talking about Josh Bateson, a young man who grew up and he just turned 28 years old.

By the way, Josh once held the post of G. Euringer, another famous person in advertising.

He is an operator, who is now 50 years old.

His mother brought Josh to the casting fifteen years ago.

The kid took upon himself the role of the new face of Kinder. He quickly gained worldwide recognition.

At present, this person has more than 130,000 Instagram subscribers, and he has his own blog.

A young man often uploads himself photos with chocolate tiles.

This is what his followers love the most.

Initially, Günter Euringer was photographed from the Kinder chocolate packaging.

But when he grew up, and now he is 53 years old, the production of chocolate passed to the boy born in 1994 to Josh Bateson, who is now 26 years old.

Now he is a rather popular and recognizable character, collecting many Likes on Instagram.

His specialty is a policy, international relations. I have not been working by profession yet.

He earns money from ads on Instagram. The sphere of advertised products are restaurants, shoes, toothpaste.

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