Granddaughter of Brigitte Bardot satisfies the curiosity of journalists for her grandmother at least a little

The French actress is already 87 years old and she does not appear in public.

Most of us have at least heard the name Brigitte Bordeaux. The French actress is already 87 years old today, and she practically does not appear in public. Her closed lifestyle and unwillingness to communicate with journalists make it difficult for the latter to take a photo of her.

The granddaughter of the famous actress Anna helps journalists a little, taking a picture of which is much easier.

Anna also took up an acting career. Her father, Nicolas, who cannot boast of a close relationship with his mother, is rather the opposite: no tender feelings from his mother.

Not so long ago, Brigitte Bardot released her memoirs, because of which Jacques Charrier (ex-husband) sued her for disclosing intimate details of family life. According to her only son, the famous actress is more attached to fur seals than to her family.

What can you say about Anna’s appearance? Is there anything in common with Brigitte Bardot or nothing at all?

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