Gorgeous blonde: the reincarnation of the charming actress Jolie captivated her fans

Here is the Hollywood inimitable actress Jolie with completely blonde hair.

Loyal fans and admirers of one of the brightest and most legendary stars in the film industry have recently noticed that the cult actress began to share her pictures more often and appear more often in public. Thousands of netizens claim that the star has abnormal thinness, she urgently needs to see a doctor and change her lifestyle.

And here she is, the blonde!

The real reason why Jolie dyed her hair blonde, or rather, put on a blond wig, is that she is going to play brilliantly in Markel’s new picture. Most of her fans were delighted to hear the news.

Some are of the opinion that with blonde hair she looks much more spectacular and elegant, while others argue that her natural hair color actually suits her more.

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