Gorgeous beauty: this is what Miss Brazil winner Pedroso looks like in real life

This is what the winner of the Miss Brazil 2022 pageant looks like.

As a number of people often quote, “the degree of beauty in Brazil is much higher than the average temperature on the planet” and, one might say, they are absolutely right.

The previously mentioned is supported by the fact that many famous supermodels are from Brazil or are of Brazilian origin, whose unrealistic beauty and attractiveness is speechless. Among them are G. Bündchen, I. Gular, A. Lima. A. Ambrosio and others.

And recently this list was replenished with the name of this angelically beautiful and charming girl J. Pedroso, who is currently considered the most beautiful woman in Brazil.

The delightful girl became the winner of the Miss Brazil 2022 contest, which was held in Sao Paulo in October. It is appropriate to note that 28 girls from different regions took part in the final stage.

However, many could not accept their defeat, and scandals erupted soon after the competition. The thing is that those who were more than sure of their victory did not even participate in the final stage.

What’s more, many netizens are of the firm opinion that there were actually many members who were much prettier and more attractive than her and undoubtedly more deserving of the win than Jessica.

As for the charming winner, Pedroso is still 23 years old, but she managed to work as a teacher, as she was born into a family of teachers. In addition, Jessica is also a successful writer and linguist.

Jessica’s heart is busy and she often shares heartfelt snaps with her loved ones, delighting fans and admirers. It is worth noting that the winner of the Miss Brazil contest is actively involved in a social project.

The project aims to provide schoolchildren and students from remote and undeveloped regions of the country with proper education and is designed to change the world for the better.

It is worth noting that the beauty contest was held in the Philippines and, in addition, representatives of Brazil won the contest twice already: in 2004 with P. Meirelles and in 2009 with L. Ramos.

In addition to the award, Jessica was awarded 30,000 reais.

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