Genious idea: interesting mother came up with a creative game for her little son

This creative woman figured out how to entertain her son.

Claire Nelson is the mother of an adorable 4-year-old boy who is actually a big fan of the Spider-Man cartoon. To entertain and make her enthusiastic son the happiest child in the whole world, this pioneering woman came up with a fascinating and ingenious idea. As a result, her naughty son is busy, and she can safely perform her household chores.

The creative mom was very proud of her decision and soon posted a video of her son on social media, which immediately went viral and gave a great idea to other moms.

The woman adds that in order to entertain a 4-year-old child for many hours, you just need ropes and that’s it. The realization of her brilliant idea was a success.

In order to complete the mission, her son put on special clothes to be “Spider-Man” to look more realistic and then began to work.

An interesting video has gained more than 100 thousand views and positive comments, highly appreciating the creativity of the mother.

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