”From granny to superstar”: How a makeup artist transformed an 80-year-old woman beyond recognition

Make-up is a terrible force. With its help, you can transform any person beyond recognition, as well as create a new image and transformed facial features.

An 80-year-old woman, who accepted the offer of a famous make-up artist, underwent such changes. With the help of makeup, she began to look not like an ordinary pensioner, but like a socialite, who stepped off the red carpet.

Of course, age wrinkles and age spots remained noticeable, but her face has changed dramatically. In addition, her hairstyle and style were slightly changed, which also had a positive effect on the overall perception.

Netizens admired this result: ”It turned out so cool, bravo,” ”The makeup artist is a real miracle” ”The result exceeded all expectations,” they noted.

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