Finding a wallet he found more: finding a check for 10 thousand dollars, this poor man returned it to the owner

During one of the usual «walks», the poor man saw aն important piece of paper.

Elmer Alvarez was unemployed and lived on the street, wandering along Cherch Street in New Hive, located in Connecticut.

Therefore, in one of these «walks» the poor man saw a piece of paper during a walk.

Without risking anything, he raised it from the ground, this «thing» turned out to be a check of 10 thousand dollars!

Most people on the planet would take it like a find, but Elmer acted differently.

On paper it was possible to indicate the name or surname of the owner of the check.

Alvarez went to his friend, who had a house to find this woman on the Internet.

Moreover, he turned out to be the owner of one real estate service.

Elmer called Hosky, and they agreed on a meeting.

And on the same day the man returned the check.

Robert, to put it mildly, was in shock, she was very touched by an act of homelessness.

After this story, this woman shared with a man the history of her life.

This is only because she was also homeless many years ago.

But then she learned and was able to start her own business.

Roberta took Elmer to her real estate school for free!

She also awarded him a generous reward.

And then his company provided him with free housing and paid for the English course.

Returning the check, Alvarez did not even count on such a gift of fate.

But he knew for sure that he had a huge chance to turn his life.

«Angels live not only in the sky, but also on Earth», the man said.

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