Exciting reunion: after months of no news, this woman finally got the message she was waiting for

A female dog missing 7 months earlier was found and returned to her mistress.

A touching reunion took place between a woman and her dog, who had not seen each other for several months. The animal turned out to be a stray, and its owner was identified by a chip.

According to 9News, the dog which disappeared 7 months ago was found and returned to her owner, who left during this time.

On Friday, October 1, 2021, a resident of the northern suburbs of Denver, Colorado (western USA) noticed a small dog alone on the street. She then picked him up and took him to the local Denver Animal Protection shelter. The association staff immediately checked him with an ID chip reader and found that he was indeed wearing it.

So the volunteers got the contact information of its owner. Kenyatta Tyler hasn’t heard from her dog Coco since she ran away in February 2021. 7 months of research, false hopes, disappointments and worries… until this message from the Denver Animal Services arrived saying that we had just found his four-legged friend.

“I thought it was a joke”.

She left Colorado in July to settle further south in Texas. Despite everything, she still hoped to see Coco again.

In turn, Denver Animal Protection encourages owners to microchip their pets. The association does this for $20, or about 17 euros.

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