Everyone is interested in celebrity children: wok looks like the son of Cruise and Kidman now

Here is Connor, the 27-year-old adopted son of Cruise and Kidman.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise got married in the 1990s and were considered one of the most romantic and wonderful couples in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2001 and at the time were raising two adopted children named Isabella and Connor.

Celebrity kids are grown up. Daughter Isabella is 29 now and Connor is 27. Unlike their famous parents, the siblings rarely appear in public and almost never share or post anything related to their lives.

And recently, their 27-year-old son posted some fascinating photos on his Instagram account and pleased everyone with a huge fish that he caught.

Needless to say, Connor’s fans were simply amazed to see the grown man, because now he wore a beard and looked much older than before.

His parents Cruise and Kidman separated when he was still a 6-year-old.

Connor is still in a strained and strained relationship with Kidman, but the guy is quite close to his doting father, Cruise. The guy even tried his hand at the film industry and managed to star in a couple of films. However, over time, Connor realized that he did not really want to pursue a career as an actor. He began to work as a DJ and soon achieved great success in this area.

In 2019, Connor married a girl from Italy and they currently live in Florida, USA. This man dedicated himself to his precious family, and almost nothing is known about his career and work.

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