Everyone is beautiful in their own way: Selena Gomez admires her figure and believes that she is perfect

Selena admitted that she tried to forgive those who once hurt her.

Many people wonder how successful celebrities are. They have everything they want. But even stars who are beautiful, rich, talented and famous face a lot of negativity. Selena Gomez, in the past, even had to seek psychological help for this reason.

Selena was worried about being overweight, she had health problems.

At the time, the singer-actress posed for a candid photoshoot while creating the Revival album cover. It was then that, having seen Selena in almost all its glory, the haters stood up. “This was the first year that I met a person who discussed my body. I landed at the airport, people were screaming. “You are fat”. It was terrible”.

“I have lupus. I have kidney problems, high blood pressure, etc. Although lupus does not affect weight, these factors together cause physical changes”.

Selena admitted that she had a hard time going through this period, but now she is happy, she does not consider it necessary to share everything on social networks. The girl added that she tries to forgive those who offended her in time.


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