Doesn’t age, still the same girl: 51-year-old Lopez proved that she hasn’t changed much in 20 years

Jennifer Lopez never ceases to conquer fans on the Web.

She posts photos and videos showing that even at 51 you can look stunning. However, fans recently accused the singers of getting addicted to Botox. J. Lo reacted instantly, explaining that she never did beauty injections, even more, she never resorted to plastic surgery.

And the singer decided to prove that in these 20 years she has not changed much. She looks just as young, athletic and beautiful. And all this thanks to the right lifestyle, sports and good genetics. Lopez replicated the look and moves from her “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” video, which turns 20 this year.


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The fans were delighted, they never cease to admire the singer. After all, she hasn’t changed much since then. Of course, the fans could not help giving Jennifer compliments and words of admiration. “Goddess!”, “Time has no power over”, “It hasn’t changed at all”, “Jennifer, you look exactly the same as then”, “Still like a girl”, “Diva, she is beautiful!” Followers wrote online.

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