”Does she have anything natural?” This is how Armenian girl looked like in the way of becoming real Barbie

Who can think or expect that transformations like this will take place in nowadays?

Just take a look into this young model, who’s appearance had completely changed just because of big dream-become a real Barbie doll.

Lilith Petrosian had black hairs and ordinary look and form. She is well known model and now continue to cooperate with Television.

But the obsession of looking like a Barbie girl was huge and finally she decided to got and do some surgery interventions.

She has spent over 2 million dollars, more than 50 operations. Now she use to wear the blue eye lenses and completely forgot about her old look. She even changed her name into Lili Morto.

The big fame come to her after participation in famous TV show, when she meet a boy, who transformed into a Ken. Thus Barbie saw Ken in real life.

Is it beautiful or not only you can decide and write your opinion below. We wish them good luck. They were doing their best to achieve their dreams, whatever it is.

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