“Did the impossible” The stylist transformed the girl with a whole mop of tangled hair

It is generally accepted that splendor and volume are signs of healthy hair and their good condition. But only the owners of such a “voluminous” hair know how naughty such hair can be. It is worth going outside in slightly damp weather, and many hours of styling instantly turns into a kind of “haystack”.

The heroine of our story has exactly this type of hair. By the way, her hair is quite long and she does not plan to shorten it. How to pacify naughty “fluffy panicles” and bring hair back to normal?

After examining the structure of the hair, a professional stylist suggested that the visitor do the popular hair botox procedure. After it, the hair remains straight and smooth for quite a long time and no humidity is terrible for them.

Previously, the hair color was refreshed a little, changing the shade and lightening the tips. Now it is in perfect harmony with the girl’s skin color. And how did you like this result of the stylist’s work?

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