Did he find his dream girl? DiCaprio has changed dramatically for the sake of a young lover

46-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio has the fame of a bosom bachelor and womanizer. And he chooses his girlfriends exclusively for model appearance. Perhaps the list of his passions is endless. However, not one girl failed to bring Leo to the altar. However, now the actor is happy with 23-year-old model Camila Morrone. Fans said that the model would not last long, however, the couple had been together for three years.

Friends admit that Leo used to spend a lot of time with them, but now he prefers to give all his free time to Camila. His attention is focused only on his beloved. Camila gets along well with his family and loved ones, she has a simple and easy character. This is what captivated the actor. Therefore, friends are sure that Leo will propose to the girl.

Relatives say that next to her he has changed dramatically. And even showed that he was serious about their relationship. Together, the couple attended the Oscar ceremony, before only Gisele Bundchen was next to Leo at the award. Yes, and Leo himself got prettier, pulled himself up to match his beloved. The couple is not shy about showing their feelings in public. Lovers live together, in self-isolation they simply did not part with each other. The couple is simply inseparable.

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