Dalmatian puppies are the largest number of puppies ever born, setting new records

A litter of 18 dogs had been born by the time the mama dog had given birth.

Dogs are known for giving birth to many puppies. Dalmatians, for example, give birth to an average of six to nine puppies per litter.

But no one could have predicted what would happen when a Dalmatian named Nellie became pregnant.

Before the mother, the dog gave birth to a litter of 18 puppies, which is currently a record family.

Dalmatian Nellie is expecting a baby.

Nellie became pregnant before she was 3 years old. Veterinarians estimate that by then she will have only three babies. It wasn’t until she went into labor that everyone realized how wrong the veterinarians had been.

Nellie’s owner, Louise Clement, said that when she gave birth, Nellie had an easy life, but the puppies kept coming. This is a great joy.

“I assumed she stopped after number 15 because she looked like she was asleep. But then another appeared, followed by two more. Nellie will be a wonderful mother”.

This is a large litter of puppies, but Clement seems to be worried. Her house is designed for a large number of kids, as she is a breeder.

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