Cute scene: this wonderful dog that had no front legs was constantly hugging his beloved owner

 Cute scene: this wonderful dog that had no front legs was constantly hugging his beloved owner

This cute and wonderful dog, which hasn’t front legs, is in is in capable hands.

The front paws of the puppy were absent at birth. Nubby’s mother didn’t reject him, but he didn’t have the stamina to walk past other cubs to eat.

“The brothers and sisters pushed him away. According to Lou Robinson, Nubby’s adoptive mother, “he would have died”.

Robinson is a veteran animal rescue living outside of Houston, Texas. She founded a non-profit organization called Warriors Educate About Rescue, which teaches compassionate animal welfare classes and publishes a calendar featuring Texas firefighters and their rescued animals.

In other words, Nubby is in safe hands.

And often Mark Robinson, Robinson’s spouse, who has a good shoulder.

The couple went to great lengths to learn how to keep this newborn puppy alive.

For example, they found that Nubby needs to be bottle fed when he is prone to preventing aspiration pneumonia when puppy formula is inhaled into his lungs.

“Third day, seventh day, tenth day, sixteenth day, and Nubby blossomed. He did great”, – exclaims Robinson. He discovered his own sounds, smells and voice as his eyes and hearing developed.

Just three weeks after his Friday afternoon arrival, things were looking up.

Nubby started to sneeze. He didn’t look hungry. He blew milk bubbles from his nose.

According to the x-rays, Nubby wasn’t just suffering from terrible pneumonia. A puppy weighing 3 kg was found to have an “esophageal anomaly”.

According to Robinson, “He had what looked like a pocket in his esophagus that was holding his milk”.

Large doses of antibiotics were injected into Nubby’s drip, then he was placed in an oxygen chamber.

Robinson saw that despite his breathing difficulties, he was “nearing the end”.

He insisted. He fought, he claims. And we will fight to give him that opportunity while he still has it.