Classic daddy’s daughter: inspired by the example of her father, the girl covered almost all of herself with tattoos

Almost the entire body of this young girl is covered with various tattoos.

Nadine Anderson is a girl who has a lot of followers on her Instagram page because of her unusual appearance.

The fact is that almost the entire body of this girl is covered with tattoos – even her face is “painted”, and there is practically no place for that.

It is worth noting that the girl’s body is not just a tattoo, but literally a continuous coating of color in many areas. Nadine says that she made all the tattoos because she saw them on her dad since childhood, she considers this a beautiful way to show herself.

By the way, it was her dad who helped her choose her first tattoo – then, probably, he had no idea that his daughter would cover her entire body with them. Also, Nadine has done many other things for herself, which, however, do not stand out as much as tattoos.

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