”Cement instead of silicone”. What does the woman look like now, whom a cosmetologist injected cement?

A lot of women want to have a younger and nicer appearance, that is why they go to the cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, but some of them even don’t have a doctor’s degree.

Our today’s unlucky hero named Raji met such a cosmetologist. She dreamed about changing her appearance and went to the first cosmetologist who even didn’t have a medical education.

Instead of using special mixtures, “the doctor infused real cement. Later Raji’s face began to slide down, emerging lumps on her cheeks.

Luckily, once she heard about a helpful program who helped the people suffered from the works of such ignorant doctors.

As a result, they could return Raji’s former appearance, for which she is happy.

There is only a problem: they couldn’t expel the little lumps on her cheeks, because they could hurt her face.

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