Brooklyn Beckham’s wife had plastic surgery: this is how she was before and now

The girl became the wife of Brooklyn Beckham, who is 4 years younger than her.

This girl’s name is Nicola Peltz, she is 27 years old and she is the daughter of a billionaire. The girl became the wife of Brooklyn Beckham. Everyone discussed the wedding of this couple.

There was information that the girl in her youth looked completely different from what she is now. It is not surprising that a girl who did not have a need for money would want to change something in her appearance.

Archival photos of the wife of a famous football player appeared on the Web, after viewing which, many were surprised.

The girl in childhood wore braces, was a green-eyed brown-haired woman. “She’s better fair”, “Now she looks more beautiful”, “Very attractive appearance”, “Hasn’t changed much,” -write admiring fans of a famous family.

“Spoiled girl”, “The son of the Beckhams successfully married a rich lady”, “Let’s see how long the couple will last,” -some people were unhappy.

Do you see traces of plastic?

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