Brave women dared to radically change their hairstyle and received a world award

There is no such source of inspiration from which one could draw endlessly, no matter what they say. Therefore, pros are constantly looking for new and different interesting things that will encourage people to creative feats. One of these is the international award #ONESHOT Hair Awards, which is awarded for vivid examples of the transformation of hairstyles. Before and after photos are required for contrast!

This is how the current winners of the contest look like.

The bottom line is that until you personally try to change the color, shape or length of your hair, you won’t really understand anything. And no pictures, 3D modeling and other tricks will help, tested in practice by numerous hairdressers, makeup artists, cosmetologists and their clients. Women are picky and emotional creatures, they are not satisfied with words, they need practice! That’s just almost everyone is afraid of change, and therefore the prize goes only to the bravest.

According to Emma Mendes, a hairdresser with 12 years of experience, the pandemic and quarantine very unexpectedly turned from a burden into a great source of help. And all because many ladies sat at home, got bored, then figured out how much they had lost and could still lose, got angry and decided to take a risk! We live together, babonki, you give it to me! The number of clients who wished to radically change the haircut has increased tenfold!

In fact, this is more difficult than it seems, because not everyone understands what they want, apart from an abstract thirst for change. And the hairdresser, anyway, is responsible for the result of his work. Because of this, many experts discourage clients from taking bold steps, deprive them of hope to try to change everything. And in fact, it’s hard to blame them, but the fact remains that this is not a mass phenomenon at all, otherwise there would be no bonus.

Have you ever had the courage to change everything? And if so, what was the result?

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