Beyond the allowed limits! Models of curvy shapes pose without hesitation in front of the cameras in bold outfits

For a long time, people have been arguing about whether women with imperfect forms can wear short clothes that are very suitable for thin people. Someone is sure that their shortcomings need to be hidden, so it is not permissible, but others do not consider excess weight as a disadvantage.

Australian Alicia Thomas has been doing fitness all her life and has even been a fitness model. The girl struggled with weight for a long time, but there were no results, then she decided that she would become a plus size model.

Singer Lizzie constantly hears criticism in her address. Only now the girl supports the body positive, so she does not pay attention to someone else’s opinion.

Tess Holiday is a girl with very large forms, she has always dreamed of modeling, but the figure did not allow her to fulfill her dream. But, after a while, she proved to everyone that it is possible to become famous, having far from ideal parameters.

Do you like models with such voluminous figures?

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