Beautiful not only dreams. 8 very funny photos of babies.

Funny photos of new born babies…

Photographing small children is always cheerful and interesting. But working with newborn models is always simple, even if they cannot be detained. Only a professional master will seal the beautiful recordings and process all the little emotions.

Another American photographer is Zoe Hiigli Studio.

The work’s unique feature is that while the child is exposed to a variety of emotions throughout the movie, he does not display his pure childhood magic.

This child’s attentive and slightly irritated expression predicts that, as he grows older, he will be an active and irrepressible mischief maker.

Only these dreamy angels’ eyes, which represent goodness and innocence!

It’s really great when the young ones are carefully photographed!

Every shot bears the imprint of the gifted photographer.

Source: Lemurov

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