Beautiful Monica Bellucci at the age of 57 dances a dazzling tango and demonstrated her stretch

Not all men could withstand the attractive and charming appearance of Belucci.

Monica Anna Maria is the full name of the screen star. The actress deservedly became a sex symbol in her young years, thanks to her beautiful face, gorgeous figure. The actress was flattered by this image and, supporting it, she often starred for adult magazines.

Years are racing, but Monica is not going to change. The woman, having made several braces, is still walking in the ranks of the “perfect”.

Despite the fact that Bellucci is already quite a grandmother in years, she looks luxurious and allows herself a deep neckline.

The beauty was invited as a guest in the show “Dancing with the Stars” of the Italian version, where she delighted judges and spectators with her abilities.


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Bellucci paired up with a professional dancer and proved to be no worse than a partner. The audience called this dance full of passion, some even suspected the star of an affair with a young choreographer. What do you think about this?

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