”Beautiful genes”. What does a Russian-Nigerian daughter look like?

It has long been established that if the parents are of different nationalities, then their children are born with a memorable appearance. Vivien was born in 2014 and has been conquering social network users for 7 years.

The girl has already opened a page on
Instagram, more than 250 thousand subscribers have been signed on it. The family lives in Italy, mom of the girl – Ksenia Belousova, is a model, father is a football player.

Of course, blacks’ genes are stronger, so Vivienne was born a brunette, a curly brunette. She has dark eyes, swollen lips, a wide nose, all this features attract people. They are sure that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps and will become a model.

Vivienne is very professional in the shot. Many models do not feel as free as this little one. It does not matter who she will be in the future, she is quite attractive now.

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